If your student is absent from class please call the attendance office at 818-3000 to excuse the absence.

We encourage you to do this within the same day that the student is absent. If no notification is given to the attendance office, then the parents will receive a phone call home from a computerized system in order to notify/remind the parents of a student’s absence.  Parents may also excuse their student’s absence with a written letter to the office.


It’s tempting to skip school when you haven’t studied for a test or when you stayed up too late with friends the night before.  But by staying home, you risk falling behind on classwork.  Consider why the following are not good reasons to stay home:

  • “Classes are boring.”  Not every class can be your favorite.  Try to find something about the subject that interests you.
  • “I don’t like my teachers.”  It’s normal not to get along with everybody – but that’s just a part of life.  Remember, your teacher is in charge and deserves your respect.
  • “I don’t feel safe at school.”  If you have reason to believe you are not safe, talk to a teacher, your counselor or other school officials.
  • “I feel stupid”.  Do you often find you just don’t get it?  Find a “study buddy” or a friend who an help you after school.
  • “My job is more important.”  Your most important job right now is getting an education.


The annoying thing about mornings is that they arrive so early.  But, on the bright side, you know they’re coming, so you have plenty of time to prepare.  And the better prepared you are in the morning, the less likely you’ll be to run late, miss the bus or (worst-case scenario) miss school altogether.  To keep your mornings hassle-free and your attendance record spotless:

  • Prep the night before.  Lay out your clothes, plan your lunch and load up your backpack.
  • Know how you’ll get to school.  Don’t wait until the morning to make arrangements.
  • Get enough sleep (about nine hours).  Having a regular bedtime at a reasonable hour will help, too.
  • Don’t squeeze in too much.  Just shower, dress, eat and go.