Student Pick Up Information (English)

NJHS 2018-2019

Student Pick up Information


For the safety of the children, no student will be released to leave the school campus by anyone other than the following:

Father                               Step Father

Mother                             Step Mother

Legal Guardian                Caregiver


Anyone other than those listed above will have to ensure that the school has received permission that the student can leave with them. The school will also ask for proper identification before the student is released from class and/or campus. If the school has not been notified the office team will contact one of the persons listed above to receive approval.

When a student is being taken out of school for an appointment i.e doctors, dentist, eye etc… for auditing reasons we will request a note be brought in from the doctor’s office to be filed as verification of the absence.

Students will not be called out of class prior to all of the above being completed first. Please do not call into the office to have a student released from class prior to your arrival. We will not interrupt class instruction and student learning.

If a student is in PE when they are having to leave, please be aware that it will take longer than usual to have your child’s class located and the student has to be escorted to the locker room to change and/or get their belongings before coming to the office to leave.  As mentioned above, we will not have a student waiting prior to picking up.

Thank you for your cooperation to ensure student safety.